A European company called 3D Furniture sells design classics of yore: Work from the Eameses, Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and everything you’d see in a History of ID class. They also sell modern-day stuff designed by Starck, Rashid, Arad, et. al. But as you’ve probably gathered from the company’s name, none of the stuff is real; it’s all 3D models meant for architects to drop into renderings.

The company’s choppy description reveals English as a second language:

3d-furniture started in 2010 with vision to bring refreshment on the design marketplace. It is made by architect, with great experience and interest in 3d modeling and 3D visualization. 3D furniture has internationally based team, currently located in two cities: Cologne, Germany and Belgrade, Serbia.
Crucial aim is to provide full range of furniture for different type of users, architects, designers and all the others interested in 3d modeling and visualization. Idea was to serve clients models they cannot easily find on web. In our growing library you can find rare, high quality 3d models of famous furniture pieces for fair price. List of models is pretty specific. You can find there models of famous timeless pieces, but also models of famous brands and manufacturers, currently in trend in field of interior design. Because of that, collection of 3d models is growing larger each day.

From a moral standpoint, the company is seemingly providing a useful service to architects and designers trying to show their clients what a particular space could look like, and you could argue that inclusion of a particular piece in a rendering could lead the client to purchase the real deal. But is it legal? They are, after all, profiting off of the designs of others, selling the models for roughly US $8 to $15 a pop.

Source: www.core77.com
Author: hipstomp / Rain Noe